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RopeLand games and facilities are created to develop kids` imagination and orientation. It encourages children crossing various levels, tunnels, and playground areas, while looking for the right path; learning balance by jumping on upper levels, swinging on the balls, climbing or just rolling in the soft mesh.
Developing an unique and proper rope for Ropeland facilities took us almost an year, untill we reach the perfect combination of a robust, soft and durable rope of technical polyester.
The choice of shapes, sizes, levels, colors and obstacles are endless and can be customized by Your requests.
In Ropeland site you can find the basic information and models as a starting point for your fantasies.
Contact us and we will be happy to create an individual project, meeting 100% your personal preferences.
In 2018, Ropeland succeeded in obtaining an intellectual property certificate for this type of childcare facility.

In RopeLand we know that the playground is much more than just ground for playing.
When the playgrounds are designed to support child development they can sensibly improve child health, cognitive abilities, and social adaptation.
We will guide you carefully through the entire process – from planning to blueprints, preparation and building of our Ropeland playgrounds.
We will be happy to project and build a custom facility especially for you.

About Us

Our guide-line is: “If kids could choose”. With 25 years of experience we know, on the one hand, what stimulates the child’s play and development, and, on the other hand, what kind of solution is safe and reliable. Happy children lead to happy parents; this is, in turn, advantageous for companies, organizations and establishments that invest in playgrounds. For the joy of children we have delivered playgrounds and equipment to shopping centers, cruise lines, fast food restaurants, spas, retail chains and office buildings.
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