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Over 25 years of crafting exclusive playgrounds for unforgettable childhood memories

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Welcome to our RopeLand!

Supporting structure

We can provide a galvanized support structure or just use your architecture for the Ropland’s hanging.


Hoists make the installation process even easier and can be used later for taking down the Ropeland and transport it to other location or store it in a warehouse.

The Top

Reaching the top level, kids can freely jump, roll, spin, play, or can dive in to continue their games at the middle level.


The safety nets attached to the top level allows kids to play safely and without adult safeguarding concern.

The ropes

5mm technical polyester, UV, and water resistant, with the accordance of EN1176. Could be produced in specific or random colors (depending on the clients’ requests).Can be produced from B1 class materials (flame-resistant ropes by European Fire Standards).

Middle level

You can choose between two or three level Ropeland. The three-level Ropelands come with a middle level – that means even more FUN!

The pockets

Kids reach the above levels through an ‘in’ and ‘out’ entrances which we name ‘Pockets’.

Swinging balls

The ball riding or swinging is one of the funniest Ropeland activities.

RopeLand Creation Process

Step 1

You have an idea

Step 2

You share with us

Step 3

We design 3D

Step 4

We quote

Step 5

You sign

Step 6

We produce

Step 7


RopeLand Products

Model: RL305 - 23 SQM

Net Size: 3×5×3.5 m (H)

Model: RL505 - 65 SQM

Net Size: 5×5×5 m (H)

Model: RL705 - 87 SQM

Net Size: 7×5×5 m (H)

Model: RL707 - 118 SQ

Net Size: 7×7×5 m (H)

Model: RL10010 - 229 SQM

Net Size: 10×10×5 m (H)

Model: RL1407 - 235 SQM

Net Size: 14×7×5 m (H)

Model: RL2211-8 – 1256SQM

Net Size: -

Swings and Accessories

New generation playground

Licensed equipment of the absolute highest quality.

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RopeLand Locator

We are happy to present to you our RopeLand locator! Explore and click on a dropped pin to see more information and photos!

What's new?

Booth number B-2306. with a 10 x 7 x5m facility on display (on pre-sale). For more information about the facility please contact us by e-mail
Booth number B-1383. For more information about the facility , please contact us at

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