1. What is the repair process like/how does it work?

Ropeland nets are created by crochet figures assembled together. If damage occurs due to improper usage - a short video showing the damage should be sent to us, so we can advise the client how to dismantle the damaged part and fix it (usually with a video made by us). In case the entire figure is not able to be repaired and should be changed - the client may send the figure to us for a change.


2. How long have these current installs been in operation for?

The first active Ropeland net was installed in 2015 - an outdoor activity. The first indoor activity was installed in 2016.


3. Is this something you think our construction team could install - they have ample experience, would just need training on the first one - Is there any training documentation you have that would help? Not sure we'd go that path, but just curious.

Ropeland nets are assembled, hang and tested before sending. It is pretty easy to install by hanging the net to the anchors on the walls or to the winches on the metal frames. They come complete with a safety net, that is sewed to the Ropeland net and is supposed to be hung above the Ropeland net;


4. Same as above if we wanted to use our own structure system - is there any designs/spec docs you would provide?
Yes, schemes or sketch up of the needed metal frame ( according to the Ropelnd net size you purchase) could be sent to the client;

5. Is the whole thing required to be enclosed?
Yes, kids colorful hence or any type of hence is recommended outdoors, as there is a required maximum of children using it at the same time. The number depends on the size of the facility;

6. Do you have any knowledge of any states/locations that this attraction is not allowed to be installed in? Any idea on why?
I don't know of any.

7. What permits/compliances come with the AS supply and installation package?

User guide, ISO certificate, Test report, Warranty, Declaration of origin, Declaration of Conformity;


8. Is there any fire rating certificates for these nets?

If the meshes are more than 10cm2 and that the frame thereof does not exceed 25% of the total surface of the net, then no fire reaction requirement is imposed by the Euroclass standards;


9. Any idea on the actual material composition of these?

5mm technical polyester or similar;


10. Is there a weight load capacity etc?

Yes, it`s matched in every test report we make;


11. I'm assuming the whole net system has redundancies in place - what are they?

We predicted such situations ( in case the rope get a conscious cut by some reason) with control knots all over the net. That means that even if it gets cut - only small holes would appear and they would not be big enough a person to fall tru it.


12. Do you know how the capacity is determined? The documents don't say anything about how many people at a time etc?

Every point (dot) in the documents show the maximum persons for the biggest standard facilities XL (10x10) and XXL (14x7) jumping at the same time together on exactly this point (dot). As the nets are very strong and can handle huge weight load, we decided to determine the number of the kids using it at the same time, based on the size of the playground - so the kids can have enough space to play instead of getting into a crowd. Basically - these facilities can endure double, even triple the capacity of persons shown in our records.


13. Also, does it read as if the entire gaming network is intended to be enclosed in a separate network restriction system? But I saw a photo where it was completely open? What are the specifications around this? Just the top is required to be closed and the rest is up to the operator (/ us)?

Ropeland's facilities reach the customer fully assembled with a 2m safety net sewn to the highest level of the Ropeland crochet net. Photos with fully open Ropelands are illustrative. There is no open space in the Ropeland nets, except for the entrance targets in the pockets, which are located 60 cm from the floor. In general, ropeland meets the requirements of standard Е1176 where controls are exercised by parents and staff are in charge of ticket control or assistance in case of rent.


14. Are they able to provide fire rating test data if called for by any local state authorities?

The fire inspectors on the places we installed concluded our meshes are more than 10cm ² and that the frame thereof does not exceed 25% of the total surface of the net, so no fire reaction requirement is imposed. ((Please, see attached picture)).


15. Do the repairs happen through Adventure Solutions or do defects get dealt with by Ropeland? Do repair videos already exist, or will they need to be created? If they do exist, can I see one?

The client contacts Adventure solution. Ropeland is in contact only with the official representative who sold the facility. As, by now ( 3 years ) , we do not have a single complain and need of repair from any of our clients with installed facilities, we are in a process of creating "how-to" videos in an artificial environment. As we presume that every problem would be different - we are ready to make a separate video in an artificial environment for each inquiry.


16. You mention control knots for redundancy, but what about if the net fails? Is there no redundancy net underneath - like with trampolines?

So far this is just a hypothetical possibility. In a real situation there was no situation with a cut network. Although we have outdoor facilities. Naturally, we have insured ourselves and conducted our simulations of slicing and vandalizing in an artificial environment. The result shows that cutting and self-untangling are a matter of minutes, not instantaneous, where the problem is visible and responsive. Even in this situation, the hole that appears is small and a child cannot get through it. in the worst case it pushes the leg. a simulator video is also scheduled to be made. we just rank in importance.
17. What size must the space in which the device is set up offer?   

If your space is 7m x 7m x 6m, Ropeland facility RL505 with size 5m x 5m x 6m(h) would fit perfectly.


18. Is there an assembly instruction?  

The Ropeland facility is completely assembled and ready to be hanged on the 4 or 8 Lever Chain Pullers provided with it,  in the 4 / 8 edges of the facility. The Lever Chain Pullers should be strained equally at the four / eight ends of the facility. The safety net, stitched to the crochet net, is supposed to be hanged after the crochet net (the facility)  is hanged on the lever chain pullers. Once hanged and during the first weeks of usage -  some sagging of the net will be noticed, as it should stretch to its maximum size under the load of the playing kids. Lever Chain Pullers should be strained equally once again, with one or two gears. This operation should be repeated approximately a month later if more sagging is noticed until net stretches to its maximum size and gets the proper form.


19. In case the walls/ pilars are strong enough and can bear the loadings of the net , what kind of anchorages do you recommend?

We recommend these https://blackz.fr/en/rings-anchor-plates/503-hilti-hap-1-15-black-anchor-plate.html or similar anchor plates.