RopeLand will be participating at IAAPA OCCC, Orlando, Florida Nov.14-17. 2023 Booth number B-1383.
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RopeLand crochet playgrounds and accessories is a new concept in the field of the amusement industry, created to develop kids imagination and orientation. 

 It encourages children crossing various levels, tunnels, and playground areas, while looking for the right path; learning balance by jumping on upper levels, swinging on the balls, climbing or just rolling in the soft mesh. 

 Developing a unique and proper rope for Ropeland facilities took us almost a year until we reach the perfect combination of a robust, soft and durable rope of technical polyester. 

The choice of shapes, sizes, levels, colors and obstacles are endless and can be customized by Your requests.


The first completed project opened in Bulgaria by the Black Sea in 2014, where the new playground gained an enormous success and incomparable interest. 

After the new product was first publicly marketed, the Company rapidly increased its production from few new installations in the first year to 38 in the second and 124 in the following year. 

From there on, the success was unstoppable and the production grew exponentially.


Another major breakthrough happened in August of 2018, when ROPELAND Company received a patent for industrial design and an official recognition as an innovator and pioneer in manufacturing of  crochetrope net installations for playgrounds.

The following year, ROPELAND chose Istanbul, Turkey for its second manufacturing site. The increased demand was met with the opening of another manufacturing site in Bulgaria in 2022.

Currently, the ROPELAND products are sold out on four continents.

The Only Certified Producer of Hand-Crocheted Net Playgrounds in the World

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